Portland Retro Gaming Swap Meet – Treasure Hunt

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Greetings 3DO Brigade!!

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Don’t tell anyone.

So, the great northwest of the United States is a magical place for retro gaming fans. There are about 40 retro gaming shops within a 3 hour driving radius, a HUGE retro gaming show is held every summer in the city of Seattle (http://www.seattleretro.org/) and another EPIC retro gaming convention is held every fall, only 3 hours away in Portland, Oregon (http://www.retrogamingexpo.com/). There are various dedicated collectors clubs scattered across the region, and if all of that weren’t enough, they have started holding a retro gaming swap meet in downtown Portland every January (https://www.facebook.com/events/1456211384653548/). This thing is BIG! All kinds of vendors rent out space there to sell their wares, from actual retro retail chains to individual enthusiasts looking to sell off portions of their collections. Even game related artists and musicians get in on the act. There is no telling what manner of treasure you are likely to find between the swap meet and the two northwest conventions. Last month, the 3DOverkill team was lucky enough to attend and explore the Portland Retro Gaming Swap Meet. Here are some of the treasures we came away with.

The Haul!

One of the hardest things to do at these retro game shows is keeping yourself to a budget. I went in with the specific agenda of securing an Amiga CD32 system. A CD-I 550 (or 450 with video cartridge) was my second choice. While Amiga had a very healthy presence at the swap meet  (Commodores were everywhere), there was nary a CD32 in sight. Apparently, one had sold at the actual expo a few months earlier in October. I did find a few CD-i 450’s but none with the video cartridge installed. So, having struck out on plan “A” and “B”, I decided to dig deep and see what oddities I could come away with.

Let’s start with the 3DO related merchandise:

I was able to add Rise of the Robots to the 3DO collection for the first time, found a back-up copy of Cyberia, and snagged two Japanese imports: Takeru and ARPM. All of the discs were in beautiful shape!

NOT an exlusive pack-in with the Batman: Arkham Knight Special Edition.

I found a cool looking 3DO controller made by Logitech. I didn’t know Batman played 3DO!

The sweat shirt of the future!

This was the coolest thing I picked up at the meet. It was the end of the day. We were heading for the exit. Out of a desire to add just a few more precious seconds to the experience, we decided to dig into some rough looking bins near the door. I did not expect to find anything. Lo and behold, there was this beauty in all of it’s corporate glory.

Nice embroidery work.

The vendor said it had been given to him by a friend who used to work for 3DO. He sold it to me for $10.

I also took the opportunity to branch out from the 3DO realm for a bit.

Let the nightmares begin!

These CD-i games look absolutely horrible… and I am so excited that I got them! As atrocious as some of these may be, they mark my very first foray into the world of CD-i gaming. It is a place I have wanted to visit for 20 years. Now if only I had a system to play them on…

Green elf shot the food!

Some amazing four player NES action to test out in glorious HD on my newly acquired Retron 5!

The samurai with the strength of 100 men.

My favorite Final Fantasy character. Cyan Garamonde from Final Fantasy 6. Chivalrous, ghost train riding, swordtech samurai master, in magnet form. Courtesy of the artists at “8-bit Babe”.


These people are awesome and they take custom requests! Hmm… an 8-bit 3DO logo would be nice. Or maybe a 32 bit Gex!

One more…

They should have run it with Lynch.

To proudly display my Seahawks devotion in true gamer form, an 8-bit Seahawk! Blue and green forever!

So, that’s it folks! Thanks for letting me share the fun with you all. If you have any stories or pictures from retro game shows you’ve gone to and would like to share them, please e-mail them to me at Nint3nDOsage@yahoo.com and I would be honored to include them in a future post!

Oh, and remember, this northwest retro gaming thing? As a certain grey wizard would say, “keep it secret, keep it safe!”

Until next time!

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-Nint3nDO Sage


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